Exploring the Area

Hope Town

Noted as one of Abaco's most charming villages, Hope Town's picturesque colonial architecture clearly reflects the New England heritage of its residents. Pastel homes of pink, blue, green and yellow are surrounded by gardens bursting with vibrant color. One of the island's most prominent views is Hope Town's famous candy-striped lighthouse. Built in 1863, this historical monument remains as one of the few manned lighthouses in the Bahamas today, still utilizing the original brass weight mechanism.


Abaco Inn

The Abaco Inn, a lodge/bar/restaurant just 5 minutes from the house



There are 7 restaurants on the island. A detailed list is at the house including current recommendations. Several of the bar/restaurants offer nightly entertainment — you can check locally when you arrive. Several also offer to pick you up and redeliver you home after dinner if you would rather not drive at night.

Fishing, Snorkeling, and Diving

Fishing is excellent. You can reef fish, deep sea or bonefish on some of the best bonefishing flats in the Caribbean. Detailed information is at the house or we can help before you arrive.

Snorkeling and diving are very popular in our area. Again, several companies can outfit you. One local outfit on Elbow Cay is Froggies Out Island Adventures. They offer snorkeling and scuba diving as well as day trips on a large boat to such places as Little Harbour on South Abaco and Nippers Bar and Grill on beautiful Guana Cay — one of the islands just north of us, which has an incredible 5 mile long beach. (www.froggiesabaco.com)

There are several spectacular beaches on our island including ones where you can have a casual lunch at a restaurant and then snorkel at the same location.


And more!

Conched Out has a large dock where you can keep your boat. Swimming is also great right off the dock — and the sunsets are amazing!